每年都有几个主题推动交易的达成. This year’s innovations are in the logistics, construction, retail and electric vehicle segments.

1. 物流包含了数字化

The traditionally staid supply chain and logistics industry will speed up its drive to digitize, 转向自动无人机, robotics, 人工智能, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics to ensure faster deliveries at lower rates. 典型的物流巨头 Deutsche Post’s DHL and C.H. Robinson 在这种技术上投入数百万美元. Oracle and SAP, 哪些已经在做供应链工作了, likely will make acquisitions in the area to improve their capabilities.

货代行业需要关注的干扰因素包括 Flexport哪家公司融资10亿美元 led by Softbank Vision Fund last February, and Arrive Logistics该公司今年6月筹集了2500万美元. Others to watch are CloudleafPolte and SenseGiz, which offer IoT services and sensors for shippers to improve visibility throughout the supply chain. FourKites uses machine learning and data analytics for more efficient deliveries. 其他在交付方面的创新是 Dispatch, which offers an Uber-like service connecting businesses with drivers, and Zipline, whose autonomous drones deliver medical supplies to remote areas.

2. 零售业见证科技重生

科技已经扼杀了零售业. 2020年也许是它拯救世界的一年.

人工智能, computer vision, 深度学习算法, digital cameras and sensor fusion will reshape brick-and-mortar stores and drive new efficiencies for shoppers and retailers.

因…的扩散而变得大胆 Amazon无现金、无收银员的Go商店,值得关注的创业公司包括 Veeve, with a “smart shopping cart” that automatically identifies items dropped into its basket, 计算农产品的成本, and notifies store managers if age verification is needed for purchases. Caper has created a similar cart using image recognition cameras and built-in weight sensors.

Focal Systems 也开始了一个无收银员的结帐解决方案, but more recently has developed an automated out-of-stock detection system that in November attracted an investment from Zebra Technologies. 它与总部位于新加坡的公司竞争 Trax Retail and Bossa Nova Robotics.

3. 建筑技术构筑动力

在创新停滞之后, construction technology companies are set to capitalize on labor shortages and an increase in construction projects. New technologies — including those that help manage and monitor construction projects, 识别导致延迟的低效, improve safety and enhance construction equipment — are whetting investors’ appetites. Those raising venture funding last year included construction planning platform Alice Technologies,人工智能建筑科技创业公司 Disperse,建筑网站软件开发人员 Fieldwire,施工软件启动 Built RoboticsINDUS.AI and OpenSpace.

Katerra,这是一家由技术驱动的非现场建筑公司 SoftBank Vision Fund该公司表示,预计2019年初将获得7亿美元的资金, 估值超过40亿美元The Information reported.

Furthermore, Procore Technologies,一家建筑项目管理软件公司,留用 Goldman Sachs for a possible 2020 initial public offering that could give it $4 billion-plus valuation, Bloomberg 发表在9月.

The activity could lead to dealmaking this year, as software players like Oracle, Autodesk, Procore Technologies或 Trimble look to consolidate. 大型物联网公司 Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Siemens AG also could be suitors.

4. 操作技术控制

Securing the control system for a power station or the control network for a rail system should take center stage this year.

被称为操作技术, 工业控制系统是几十年前设计的, 在网络攻击成为现实之前. 新的OT网络安全平台, 这给工业公司带来了可视性, 监控和保护他们的网络, 看到了一系列的活动吗. On January 7, Insight Partners acquired Armis for $1.1 billion. Just last month, Tenable Holdings acquired Indegy 7800万美元现金. In September, Palo Alto Networks 被收购的物联网安全开发者 Zingbox for $75 million. In November 2018, ForeScout技术 收购了物联网和OT安全公司 SecurityMatters for $133 million. 这笔交易之后 Dragos acquiring NexDefense,工业控制系统技术供应商.

Other startups have expressed interest in raising money, including Claroty神韵工业保护Nozomi Networks and SCADAfence.

Logical acquirers in the space could include cybersecurity players such as Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems, 私人股本公司和大型制造商, 以及像西门子这样的大型加班公司, General Electric or Rockwell.

5. 替代数据驱动着金融服务

Investors and hedge funds are looking beyond financial statements for a competitive edge. 他们利用工作列表中的“替代数据”, social media posts and satellite images to foot traffic at stores and the flight paths of corporate jets. 多亏了人工智能, 机器学习和自然语言处理, these vast pools of data are easier to search and more accurate in predicting trends. 替代数据创业公司包括 AlphaSenseBattleFin and Ireland-based Eagle Alpha. Others are UK-based NeudataThinknum and Truvalue Labs, 哪些是从国际新闻报道中抓取信息, think tanks, industry analysts and NGOs to gauge performance related to environmental, 社会和治理标准. 这些业务的潜在收购者包括 FactSet Research系统机构股东服务 (ISS), MorningstarMSCI, Bloomberg,以及交易所喜欢 Nasdaq 评级机构如 S&P.

6. 5G的推出让电信运营商们议论纷纷

Despite the promise of 5G networking technology — dramatically faster connectivity for smart machines, 自动驾驶和媒体消费——美国.S. has lagged behind China, South Korea and the UK in deploying the technology.

这种情况可能很快就会改变 Verizon, AT&TT-Mobile and Sprint promise more comprehensive rollouts of the technology they piloted in late 2018. 事实上,T-Mobile曾利用5G为其26美元的价格辩护.50亿收购Sprint. Companies like MovandiMilliLabsGenXComm, and JMA Wireless 这些都是小型网络公司的例子吗. 提供5G家庭互联网的潜在目标包括 Common Networks and Starry.

Huawei and chipmakers Qualcomm and Samsung could develop 5G-capable gear via acquisitions, say industry sources.

7. 为电动汽车提供动力的新型半导体技术

Two new semiconductor technologies are driving change in the electric vehicle battery market. Historically, EV batteries have been costly, large and inefficient. Now, Gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) are changing that, allowing for smaller, more efficient semiconductors that can operate at higher voltages than traditional silicon wafers. Tesla’s decision to include SiC transistors in its Model 3 was a big milestone for the industry.

其中最成熟的GaN创业公司是 GaN Systems and Navitas半导体. 其他有前途的创业公司包括 奥德赛半导体,VisIC科技, 高效能量转化 (EPC) and Transphorm, in which KKR is an investor. Cree 是最大的纯SiC公司吗. 小型SiC公司包括 诞生的半导体曼联碳化硅 and GT先进技术. Likely buyers of such companies include power semiconductor device players such as STMicroelectronics英飞凌科技ON Semiconductor and Mitsubishi Electric. 其他大玩家——比如 Panasonic, ON Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and SanKen Electric – have been developing their own GaN switching transistors but may switch gears with an acquisition.

8. 预计将会自动驾驶的震荡

LiDAR startups developing sensors for self-driving cars are expected to undergo a shakeout as the technology has struggled to live up to its early promise.

据估计,这样的创业公司有50多家. LiDAR, 是光探测和测距的简称, uses light lasers that bounce off objects to create a three-dimensional representation of a vehicle’s surroundings. Some of these startups will be targeted by automakers and Tier 1 suppliers; others will run out of money.

这个领域的领导者就是 Velodyne LiDAR, which is expected to raise capital on the public markets via an IPO this year. Quanergy Systems — another high-profile name — has been looking to raise more than $50 million in private funding. Others that have told Mergermarket 他们正在寻找或将需要更多的资金,包括 AEyeCepton TechnologiesInnovusionLeddarTechLeiShen智能系统 and SOS Lab.

一级供应商 AptivContinentalHyundai MobisBosch and ZF Friedrichshafen 被视为可能的投资者或收购者.


Photo credit: AP photo / John Locher, original article posted here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mergermarket/2020/01/23/top-tech-trends-to-watch-in-2020/#353a452a4d1f

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