HPI sells business park; 到达 Logistics, Afia Foods show how tenant demand is driving market

Investor interest and tenant demand continue to drive heightened activity in what is arguably the Austin area’s strongest real estate asset class: industrial.

这个月已经有将近400家了,000-square-foot industrial business park has changed hands and a pair of companies announced significant expansions in industrial space, 包括大约21人,000-square-foot lease in Taylor that will serve as a springboard for a food manufacturer’s national expansion.

NAI Partners’ most recent market snapshot of the Austin-area industrial sector, released Sept. 17, showed demand for industrial space far outpaced supply during the first eight months of 2021. Demand was at 4 million square feet between January and August, compared to a supply of 1.200万平方英尺.

约2.3 million square feet of industrial space was delivered since January, 还有1400万平方英尺正在建设中, 据奈. 亚马逊.com公司. 和特斯拉公司. are responsible for 9 million square feet of that new development, with a huge warehouse for the e-commerce behemoth nearly finished in Pflugerville and an electric vehicle factory rising in eastern Travis County.

Another 6 million square feet of industrial development is planned through 2022, much of which is expected to be e-commerce distribution space to keep up with consumer demand and a ballooning population.

据NAI称,租赁数量也在增加. 今年迄今,签署的租赁合同数量达到了7个,创历史新高.800万平方英尺.每年有900万平方英尺.

2021年一些最大的租赁包括亚马逊(亚马逊)获得767笔,海斯县福尔图纳路1356号,面积600平方英尺, 预计12月交货, 和Simwon 491,梅子溪工业中心651平方英尺的租约, 哪个将在2022年1月交付.

Below are details on the three large deals from earlier this month.


哈里斯山脊商务中心,五栋楼, 387,838-square-foot industrial park in North Austin — has a new owner, 世邦魏理仕集团. 宣布9月. 14.

Boston-based TA Realty LLC purchased Harris Ridge from Austin-based HPI Real Estate Services Inc. 出售价格没有披露. 该工业园区100%租给了11家租户. 套房的平均面积为每平方英尺32,392间.

这笔交易于去年9月结束. 世邦魏理仕的数据是9.

哈里斯山脊,位于东经1100. Howard Lane, is less than 2 miles from I-35 and close to The Domain.

CBRE’s 2021 Americas Investor Intentions Survey found Austin is one of the top markets in the Americas for commercial real estate investors.

The survey found 36% of investors preferred to put money into industrial and logistics development. 公寓开发位居第二(29%), 其次是办公(14%), 酒店(11%)和零售面积(10%).

乔纳森·布莱恩, 世邦魏理仕的经纪人之一, added the North Austin submarket is so attractive for investors because of the area’s population growth and access to abundant labor. T在这里 are also substantially large tech users who have offices in the area.

The first building of the industrial business park came online in 2008, 今年早些时候,第五个也是最后一个建筑交付使用.

世邦魏理仕的布莱恩, 兰迪·贝尔德, Ryan Thornton and Eliza Bachhuber represented HPI and arranged the transaction.


A Mediterranean food company will be moving into a build-to-suit industrial manufacturing space.

总部位于奥斯汀的Afia LLC在泰勒租赁了20,649平方英尺. 预计Afia Foods将于2022年初进入这一领域, 离开了它在贾雷尔经营的一个较小的地点.

Sun-dried Tomato Falafel, Afia’s sixth branded product, launched in August. Afia also that month added a few new retailers: Bristol Farms, Mother’s Market and Natural Grocers. Afia is also available through 亚马逊, Farmhouse Delivery, H-E-B, Sunbasket and Walmart.

Afia于2017年由Farrah moussalati Sibai创立, 谁是叙利亚和英国血统的公司总裁. 她和她的丈夫, 亚辛Sibai, 2014年逃离叙利亚,最终来到奥斯汀, 他们在哪里创造了Afia. The Sibais use recipes from 亚辛Sibai’s mother to create the foods distributed by Afia, 包括羔羊饼, 沙拉三明治, 吃沙瓦玛和陀螺仪.

亚辛Sibai said the new facility, at 270 BFG 9000 Way north of U.S. 79号公路,将帮助Afia成长为一个民族品牌.

“The new facility, it’s a brand-new production line that is fully automated. We can do 10x of our current productivity,” said 亚辛Sibai, who is Afia’s CEO. “It would also allow us to be able to create additional product lines.”

Afia achieved $1 million in sales within two years after signing its first retail partnership with San Antonio-based H-E-B LP. 2021年,Afia的销售也比去年增加了340%.

“我妻子有远见,我妈妈有食谱. They came together and they kind of presented this opportunity,” 亚辛Sibai said.

“T在这里 were a lot of obstacles along the way,” he later continued. “bob手机登陆不是来自食品行业. bob手机登陆必须对这个行业了解很多——事情是如何运作的, 谁是玩家, 以及两者之间的一切. bob手机登陆必须了解这一切. 这是一个挑战.”

NAI Partners的特洛伊·马丁(Troy Martin)在这笔交易中代表Afia. 达伦·奎克和唐·奎克 & 律师代表房东.

Afia的故事很不寻常——来自叙利亚的一个厨房, 去奥斯汀的农贸市场, 现在是全国各地的商店, the company has been about infusing the meals of its past with modern flavors and nourishing the Austin community every step of the way,马丁在一份声明中说.


奥斯汀的到达物流公司. has expanded and extended its lease with landlord Mohr Capital in MetCenter Business Park, a 550-acre business park near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, 该计划于去年9月宣布. 14.

到达, a freight brokerage that has seen its headcount and revenue surge in recent years, 签署了一份116,在MetCenter的15号楼租了1000平方英尺的房子, 这是38,比78平方英尺还要大,000-square-foot flex space the freight brokerage previously had at buildings 14 and 15.

到达 had more than 850 employees working at buildings 14 and 15. 这家货运经纪公司计划再招聘1名员工,在接下来的12个月内雇佣了000名员工, 该公司发言人表示.

该公司在2020年的收入接近8.11亿美元, 根据《bob手机登陆》的名单调查.


“The trend in tech and logistics companies seeking flex office/industrial space outside of Austin’s urban core has only continued to grow,“罗德里戈Godoi, 莫尔资本的投资常务董事, 在一份声明中说. “到达 Logistics is a perfect example of a credit tenant on the cutting edge of its real estate strategy. We’re pleased to have worked with the company to negotiate its lease expansion and long-term occupancy in one of Austin’s most desirable mixed-use business parks.”

In 2019, Dallas-based Mohr Capital acquired five buildings encompassing 404,梅特中心800平方英尺,柴迪科开发公司. 今年5月,莫尔卖掉了其中一栋被亚马逊(亚马逊)占领的大楼.


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