当bob手机登陆将货物从一个地方移到另一个地方时, it sets in motion a chain of events that is necessary to make that final delivery. Along the way, there are many processes involved, none more so than the tendering process. 在过去的几年里,运送货物需要一系列的电话. 随着科技的发展,这种情况发生了改变, 首先是传真,然后是电子邮件, 但即使今天, 负载招标在某种程度上仍然需要一个人工过程.

来真正改进流程,把成本从等式中拿出来, 需要对流程进行更大的数据共享和可见性. 这是成为 对参与这个过程的人来说更明显 thanks to the growing complexity of supply chains and smaller and tighter delivery windows.

“几年前, you had shippers with fairly static supply chains and they had a [reliable] carrier base,布莱恩·霍奇森解释道, 交通战略副总裁 笛卡尔. Each shipper might have a list of their top-10 carriers and contact them by phone or email. EDI改善了通信过程,但仍存在不足. 他补充道:“即便如此,很多邮件和电话仍然是不可或缺的。.

As supply chains have grown in complexity due to shipper diversification and e-commerce, 托运人现在需要更具适应性. 这使得 负载招标过程 更复杂的.

来应对未来的这些变化, 这一过程可能会出现一些有史以来最重大的变化. 霍奇森说 shippers will need to better connect into carrier networks and do so through brokers and 第三方物流 (3PLs) providers, so they can see where capacity is and how to tap into it.

“Now they are [trying] to connect into a network [that gives them a broader carrier base],” he notes. That carrier base has not been as available to shippers as it will be in the future. “托运人与承运商和经纪人关系密切, [but] the increased volatility [of the market] is increasing the importance of brokers.”

霍奇森说,这是未来的趋势, brokers may look to pool their capacity into a group that provides shippers more visibility into available trucks – so-called freight or capacity matching solutions.

“To get freight matching to work, you need scale and brokers have that scale,”他说. 经纪人可以专业化,这样他们就可以满足这种需求, 但他们也可以使用更大的(航母基地).”


alm. 笛卡尔 MacroPoint Capacity Matching eliminates the manual process for brokers/shippers in finding available capacity. The solution utilizes machine learning to help find available truck capacity both within a broker’s or shipper’s network and outside that network. 它还有助于确定卡车下一步要去哪里, 提供了卡车可能在哪里可用的想法.

“We strongly believe capacity matching is a key to solving the capacity problem,”霍奇森说.

Hodgson also believes IoT solutions will help provide more data visibility into the process. Does the load need temperature monitoring, 例如, and did it meet those requirements?

“If you are moving chemicals and that truck is going to be two hours late, 我想知道,这样我就可以重新安排我的员工,”霍奇森补充道. “Those are things that are happening today [and] will get better as more data points are incorporated.”

罗伯特兄弟bob手机登陆开发经理 麦克劳德软件, says that more data visibility and shared data is being driven by shippers.

“对我来说, what looks like what is happening is we are getting some data aggregators into the marketplace … trying to work with shippers to work out tenders that are not EDI-based,”他说. “他们可能会在bob手机登陆和TMS之间建立一个接口.

“从某些方面来说,这是件好事, but it’s also investing [money] into systems that I’m not sure is worth the return on investment,”兄弟补充道. “但这是运营商的要求.”

This data aggregator role is being played by companies such as Project44 and others, 虽然它仍然只是整个市场的一小部分, 这是一个不断增长的市场. Brothers points out that larger shippers especially are behind this push, noting General Motors and Anheuser-Busch among those working on projects. 他表示:“如果你开始有大型货运公司,其他公司也会跟进。.

霍奇森说 the use of data sharing will need to grow to help open up additional opportunities. 笛卡尔 works extremely hard to ensure the data a carrier or broker/shipper shares in its system is protected, 将数据集成过程作为一个“选择加入”选项. “Your information is protected and you can opt-in and we believe by opting in you get the benefits,”霍奇森说.


t可能会改变, requiring “the people in the middle [to] change EDI into a service where you have to go through” a system that pulls disparate technologies together.

区块链也有可能影响负荷招标过程, helping create visibility into the steps and traceability component of shipments. “The 负载招标过程 tends to be a spoke that wheel,”霍奇森说.

As the industry moves in general to more open transparency data solutions, 负荷招标过程也可能开放. The MacroPoint Capacity Matching solution is taking advantage of some of the early steps of that, but transparency is likely to more important as brokers and shippers leverage growing networks outside traditional top-10 carrier list most currently hold. “Coupled with brokers who are leveraging freight matching” it provides more access to carriers for shippers, 霍奇森说.

The increased transparency should also help brokers/shippers make better decisions in the 负载招标过程 as they become aware of retailers, 例如, that have higher detention rates or more predictive weather and traffic data that improves the estimated time of arrival.

“总的来说, 数据的粒度提供了[更多可见性],”霍奇森说, 人工智能将有助于提高这种可见性.


他表示:“如今,(托运人)不知道自己是否有运力。. “Today, they tender the shipment and wait until [the carrier] tells them if they have capacity. If they knew they didn’t have capacity, they could move on” to finding capacity quicker.

The main issue surrounding this data future remains the willingness of participants to share the data.

“If depends on what the data licensing agreements will be,” Brothers points out. “If they can anonymize the data, then carriers may be more willing to share it.”

如果有更有效的数据共享, then the 负载招标过程 may truly become beneficial to all parties involved.

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